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Dedicated to Every Drop

We all need water to survive. And like us, we know you’re incredibly passionate about making sure this precious resource is safe, clean, treated with care and used efficiently. That’s why, at Protea Chemicals, we offer complete water care solutions to the industrial and municipal sectors. We strive to be a stand-out provider locally and internationally.

One of the biggest challenges our world will face in coming decades is an even-higher demand for fresh water supply; with population growth, consumer demand for goods and services as well as climate change acting as some of the biggest drivers.

Our Quality Products

Protea Chemicals is the leading manufacturer of Polyelectrolyte polymers on the continent with full NSF accreditation.
We offer a full range of Polyacrylamide flocculants and defoamers through our partnership with the world-renowned manufacturer, Solenis.
Chlorine gas for disinfection is containerised and distributed from our dedicated, high-tech facility.

Industry Insights

Currently the sector’s resilience is also being tested by the global pandemic. This unprecedented event has led to operational disruptions, workforce challenges, increased focus on sanitation and shifts in demand. While this is certainly a difficult time, we are committed to supporting our valued clients and working with you to find innovative solutions for business growth. By familiarising ourselves with your processes and people on site, we offer a total system approach customised to your unique needs.


Beyond supplying the above trusted products, we support and enhance your business through the following services:

We provide coagulant and flocculant screening laboratory tests or jar tests, and can recommend the optimum product for relevant applications. We assist with troubleshooting and help to ensure process optimisation. We also perform numerous other laboratory tests and analyses.

Value-Added Services

Our Diverse Water Care Offerings and Applications

  • Liquid-solid separation in drinking water, sludge dewatering, wastewater and industrial effluent treatment and recovery applications
  • Filtration and odour control
  • Disinfection process
  • pH control
  • Industrial boiler and cooling water solutions

Our Water Care Solutions

  • Coagulant automated dosing systems and controllers
  • Process audits for water treatment works and for Chlorine gas handling, installation and storage
  • Chemical plant trials at water treatment works
  • Training services: water treatment processes, streaming current detectors operation and calibration
  • Supply of emergency kits for Chlorine gas tanks
  • Wastewater phosphate removal applications
  • Defoamer applications in activated sludge processes
  • Customer service reports compilation
  • Design, installation and maintenance of chemical dosing pumps and skids