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The Right Ingredients to Boost Your Business 

Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier, manufacturing partner, quality support in regulatory affairs or plan to expand your business network – Protea Chemicals is your trusted partner for growth. Not only do we deliver high-quality raw materials sourced from leading manufactures, but also provide full supply chain solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We know that both the food and pharmaceutical industries have been drastically impacted by the current pandemic, and we are committed to delivering value-added support during these uncertain times. Together we can formulate a winning recipe for a sustainable future.

Sectors We Support

Baking and Confectionary
Meat and Culinary

Food Ingredients

The food industry is particularly susceptible to people’s ever-changing tastes and preferences. Globally there is a move towards plant-based alternatives, functional or superfoods with specific health benefits, foods that cater for niche dietary requirements and conscious, clean eating with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

These trends have however been temporarily disrupted by the onset of COVID-19, leading to more unpredictable and sometimes seemingly contradictory shifts in how customers shop and eat. On the one hand the pandemic has bolstered the demand for food that promotes wellness (physical and mental), while on the other hand we’re seeing an increase in snacking and a desire for indulgent treats, as people seek comfort and mood lifters. The rise of the home cook is also causing a shift in demand of certain ingredients.

While this unprecedented situation brings many challenges, it can also open up new opportunities. As an expert in the Food Ingredients Industry, Protea Chemicals is a trusted partner dedicated to helping you navigate this new landscape – providing you with quality products, support and smart supply chain solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

With the arrival of Industry 4.0 and ever-advancing medical science, the pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to disruption. However, the industry now finds itself facing a disruptor like no other: COVID-19. Our current pandemic has delivered an overwhelming shock to the healthcare industry.

We know that you are currently feeling the pressure to support frontline workers by fast-tracking development of testing kits and possible antidotes, and avoiding drug shortages. In this high-pressure environment you are also dealing with operational issues and new regulations. Consumer demands are shifting as prescriptions decline while categories such as vitamin and mineral supplements sky rocket.

At Protea Chemicals, we understand the challenges you are facing and we’re here to help. Through our industry-specific experience, service excellence and comprehensive supply chain solutions, we are committed to helping you find innovative ways to operate in our new environment.

Sectors We Support

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)
Specialty API Starting Materials
Nutritional Supplementation