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Attractive Solutions for Business Growth

Protea Chemicals is a partner to some of the largest personal care product manufacturers in Southern Africa. We are recognised as a top supplier of technically advanced emulsifiers, emollients, conditioning agents, rheological additives, surfactants, stabilisers, pearlising agents, and thickeners. We also partner with leading global manufacturers to bring you a diverse portfolio of raw materials, additives and speciality chemicals. 

Our dedicated Consumer Care team stay ahead of industry trends and actively promotes technology that seeks to significantly increase the life cycle of consumer products, and in turn reduce the impact on the environment.

Industries We Support

Baby Care
Hair Care
Skin and Body Care
Men’s Care
Hair Colourants
Nail Care
Sun Care

Industry Insights

In an era where self-care is queen, beauty and consumer care are adapting to become more ethical, holistic, inclusive and transparent. Vegan beauty and CDB skincare are fast-growing movements while sustainable sourcing, minimalist multi-benefit products and personalised beauty solutions are key trends.

While the industry has in the past managed to remain fairly resilient through economic ups and downs, it now faces a formidable new challenge in the form of COVID-19. The global pandemic has caused sudden changes in consumer behaviour and needs, including a surge in demand for health and hygiene products. Stay-at-home policies have led to customers foregoing their lipstick and perfume in favour of hair dye and DIY nail care. Products that offer indulgence or stress relief and wellness benefits are also on the rise.

While these are certainly difficult times, there is also the potential to embrace change and new opportunities. At Protea Chemicals we are committed to supporting you as you navigate the current shifting landscape. Through our value-added solutions, innovative thinking and service excellence we are working hard to help ensure a sustainable future for your business.

Value-Added Services

Our experienced category specialists provide guidance on raw material usage, application development support and assistance, substitutes and formulation. We can also create customer-specific formulae at our state-of-the-art blending plant. We are flexible and driven to provide tailor-made solutions for your business. Leveraging our vast network of suppliers and industry expertise, we can share valuable formulation and ingredient suggestions across a diverse portfolio from Household to Personal Care.


Home Care and Industrial and Institutional Cleaning (I&I)

From products that create cleaner living spaces to more hygienic working environments, Protea Chemicals is focused on meeting your unique requirements in the Home Care and I&I sector. Through our diverse network of quality manufacturers, we supply a comprehensive range of raw materials for detergents, dishwashing, surface cleaners, sanitisers and disinfectants, floor care, hygiene, laundry and industrial cleaning.


We can assist you with formulation including product-specific information on surfactants, emulsifiers, additives and preservative systems, builders, rheology modifiers, solubilisers and functional additives. 


We also provide documentation support, and work with you to generate innovative ideas that help you balance a growing demand with market trends and changing consumer needs.


As a value-added service we offer customised blending supported by our in-depth industry expertise.