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Smart Solutions That Fuel Business Growth

Protea Chemicals is an experienced player in the Oil and Gas Industry with our Specialised Offshore Services and Supplies (S.O.S.S) division supporting offshore production activities for all the oil majors.

Oil and gas are key commodities that power our cities and move us forward. However, the industry has been experiencing a time of volatility due to changing technology, the energy transition and fluctuating oil prices. This has been exacerbated by the current global pandemic. COVID-19 has emptied the highways and grounded planes, reducing the demand for natural gas. It also brings with it new operational challenges such as workforce shortages and disrupted supply chains.

At Protea Chemicals, we understand that these are difficult times and are committed to supporting you through today’s shifting landscape. From procurement to logistics and financing, we offer smart solutions customised to your enterprise’s highly-specialised needs.

We believe in partnering with you to find innovative ways of ensuring business growth.

Specialised Offshore Services

  • Strategic Procurement

We help you secure the most competitively priced raw materials.

  • Vessel Vetting and Chartering Services

Our global fleet of over 50 chemical tankers offer bulk freight and customised deliveries.

  • Quality Commitment

We carry out quality checks across the supply chain and partner with the top providers to reduce operational risk.

  • Support Craft and Fenders

We offer support crafts for specific deliveries and a range of certified fender brands.

  • Mooring Master Services

We provide qualified, experienced ship-to-ship superintendents to support pilotage requirements.

  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Comprehensive project management of your entire offshore ship-to-ship or tandem mooring delivery.

  • Financing

We offer a full credit line to our valued customers.