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Supplying you with the best products is just one part of our job. At Protea Chemicals we go above and beyond to deliver real value for businesses through our specialised offerings and integrated solutions. In the Water Care, Consumer Care and Animal Nutrition sectors we provide technical, laboratory and quality management services as well as advisory support. We believe in building long-lasting partnerships and enabling every customer to develop their unique formula for success. 


Sub-section 1:


Consumer Care




Sub-section 2:


Animal Nutrition and Agriculture


As an Agribusiness expert we are committed to quality and sustainability. We distribute a wide range of products such as Phosphates, Non-Protein Nitrogen Sources and Feed Additives (including Specialty Additives). Our Specialty Additives for the Monogastric and Ruminant Markets are manufactured in conjunction with industry-leading nutritionists, and designed to promote overall health and performance.


Protea Chemicals operates from a number of strategic locations that allow us to efficiently supply local customers and those in surrounding SADC countries.


Sub-section 3:


Water Care


From research and analysis to storage and training, Protea Chemicals offers a comprehensive range of services that cater specifically to the Water Care industry.


We provide chemicals for numerous, essential applications including:

  • Liquid-solid separation in drinking water, sludge dewatering, wastewater and industrial effluent treatment applications
  • Filtration and odour control
  • Disinfection process
  • pH control
  • Boiler water and cooling systems chemicals

Beyond supplying the above trusted products, we support and enhance your business through the following services:

‚óŹCoagulant and flocculant screening laboratory tests or jar tests, recommending the optimum product for relevant applications. We assist with troubleshooting and help to ensure process optimisation. We also perform numerous other laboratory tests and analyses.

  • Coagulant dosage controllers for automated dosing systems
  • Process audits for water treatment works and for Chlorine gas handling, installation and storage
  • Chemical plant trials at water treatment works
  • Training services in the areas of water treatment processes, streaming current detectors, operation and calibration, Chlorine gas handling, installation and storage
  • Supply of emergency kits for Chlorine gas tanks
  • Odour control applications in the food processing industry
  • Wastewater phosphate removal applications
  • Industrial effluent stabilisation, treatment and recovery applications
  • Defoamer applications in activated sludge processes
  • Customer service reports compilation
  • Design, installation and maintenance of chemical dosing pumps and skids
  • R&D services

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