Animal feeds [photo] 

Animal Feeds

Africa’s expanding agribusiness requires that every kilogram of feed or fodder provide added value and maximum output. As an agribusiness partner, Protea Chemicals Animal Feeds business actively and intelligently sources quality animal feed commodities and premixes, agricultural ingredients, micro-elements and binders and carriers from approved local and international suppliers.

Quality matters throughout the supply chain and therefore each and every supplier is scrutinized prior to approval and subject to ongoing assessment against stringent standards. All products are registered under Act 6/1947 for use in their specified markets.

The partnership approach to animal feed supply is shown by our commitment to product excellence.  Conformance testing is undertaken at three levels:

  • By the supplier
  • By an independent third party
  • By Chemtech (SANAS accredited laboratory of OMNIA)

Additional value-added services

  • Logistics

    • Product management and logistics solutions
    • Technical assistance and support from suppliers
    • Flexible supply options
    • Application development support and assistance
  • Supply chain

    • Full service shipping team for inbound logistics
    • In-house national warehousing & distribution systems
    • Efficient local delivery solutions

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